About Me


My name is Lydia.

I am a terrible Australian.
Not in the sense of this plague of terrible Aussies out destroying the world at the moment. In the sense that I grew up at a ski resort not the beach.
I am a skier not a surfer.
Heat terrifies me. I think I might even be allergic to temperatures above 25 Celsius.
I do back to back winters and I ski as much as I can.

Well at least I used to. I fell in love with Canada and deicided to stick around for a summer. But basically I’m here writing about adventures and everything outdoors with a preference for skiing 🙂

If you’re into getting outside and adventuring or sliding down mountains on bits of plastic strapped to your feet like I am then you’ll probably enjoy the glorious-ness that occurs when you take the O out of back country. Back Cuntry. Haha!




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