Ski touring, the biggest party of the year and no sleep for 38 hours

The last weekend was quite a big one. It all started when I woke up at 8am on Saturday morning to a beautiful blue bird day…

I was meant to be going cat skiing but after the spring conditions, Revelstoke Mountain Resort decided to cancel cat skiing for the rest of the season. However, we thought ‘fuck it we may as well go tour it anyway’. So I woke up excited because at the foot of my bed was my back pack containing my beacon, probe, shovel, skins, water bottle and rad outfit for my first day of spring touring on my new setup. I also threw in two beers and a kiwi fruit.

My buddy Racz picked me up after watching me eat my Vegemite and egg toast breakfast and we headed for the resort!
Our plan was to head out into the cat ski area and check out the bowls. It wasn’t a hard skin but good enough for me to practice and see how my gear held up and how good my trip planning skills are. It was a fresh, crisp morning but I was thankful to only be wearing my dry ride base layer and epic thrift store 1990s gore-tex spring jacket. I am not as fit as I thought…

Our route was catching the Stoke chair up and then traversing right as far as possible and walking to resort area boundary. Then we put our skins on and kept heading out til we found the cat tracks.


Racz leading the way
Back side of Mt Mackenzie.. I have my eye on skiing this now!


It was crazy to see how different the mountains were on the other side. There are some amazing lines I’m planning on working towards skiing next year. I also loved seeing where other people had been skiing. The are some incredible skiers here! I saw a steep narrow chute that was skied in three turns. That person would’ve been absolutely hookin down the mountain. Another line someone had taken put them over a cliff band, but by the looks of their tracks they sent it anyway!

I really enjoyed my skins. They worked far better than the pair I had in Japan. They glided well and felt super stable on the up hill. But that’s what I was expecting from Black Diamond skins, I had only heard great reviews. Anyway, we got to the top of our line, tore our skins off, had a snack and picked our line.

Delicious and nutritious!


We had a really sketchy ski down to the start of our line. Huge wind lips and cornices were everywhere. The snow was really sun affected so it wasn’t pleasant skiing either. But we got to the next traverse and I picked what I thought was going to be a sweet line. Unfortunately for me the blazing sun had melted the top and the cold night had made a refreeze. So basically once I broke through the ice there was soft snow underneath but the ice locks you in and you cant turn. Well not very well anyway!! I charged over to the shaded side where the snow was actually great. Light and fluffy 🙂




Our plan was to skin up again but I was already so tired and I’m embarrassed to say I bailed on the idea. In the photo above you can see on the right the zig zag skin track back up so you can maybe sympathise with me when I say I already had legs of jelly and standing at the bottom looking at that was pretty daunting. But I am definitely grateful that I got to see the area and practice. It was a great first day!

We got to the bottom and enjoyed my 2 favourite acronyms; a PBJ and PBR.
A nice man skied down while we were hanging out and after having a chat about ski gear and life he told us that he used to be a ski bum when he was our age. It took him 6 years to do his degree because he took summer and winters off then he eventually worked for 30 years as an electrical engineer but now he’s retired and is back to be being a ski bum! What a legend. Then we hung out with my favourite pals, the Whiskey Jack birds, before skinning back to the resort.

Thanks Treefort Lifestyles for the koozies


My cute friends Racz and Whiskey Jack bird 🙂


When we got back to the hustle and bustle of Saturday on a ski resort we decided to check out the ‘S Games’, a snowboard competition put on by the local Society Snow and Skate store. They had a jib park and a giant hip. I think the whole town was there enjoying the show and the beer garden.

S games at RMR

Unfortunately I had to head to work that night. I was hoping it would be over quick because my great friend Benedict Dixon was having a giant birthday party out at the mud flats and I really wanted to head out there. Some how over the week the birthday party had escalated to the S games after party, 10 kegs and three DJs so it was bound to be a wild bush doof! We finally knocked off and headed out at 11 and boy what a sight. Nearly a thousand people around two giant bonfires with party lights, DJs and hundered of tents and campers! I was stone sober but I fixed that pretty quick. Family, respectable acquaintances and current and potential employers look a way now because this night got WILD!

Suddenly I was sitting on top of an old American school bus that had been converted into a party bus with my best mates, bottles of liqour in the middle of a valley surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world looking down and hundreds of happy people dancing around fires in the moon light. It is certainly something I will never forget. Next thing I know the sun is rising and I hadn’t slept… Shit, it’s Sunday morning, I’m still plastered and I have work in the afternoon.



The day carried on with me trying to find snacks, attempting to nap and feeling sorry for myself before starting work at 4. I clocked out at 11:20pm and hurried back to my bed I hadn’t seen since 8am Saturday morning.

My legs are sore from touring, my lips are sunburnt and chapped, my left hand is sore and smashed from an unknown party injury and it just started snowing in the mountains again. Yeehaaaa!!!

From Lydia



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