Red Bull Cold Rush, Rail Jam Wins, Colorado explorations

It’s been a fun month!

February kicked off with the Red Bull Cold Rush Event. We got to see some of the best skiers in the world dominate the slopes at Revelstoke. The weather posed a bit of a problem but I did catch some of the event out at Greely Bowl. I even got to meet two of my biggest heroes Angel Collinson and Tatum Monod at the after party too. I can absolutely state that Angel can murder a dance floor better than most. She had my thighs working all night at Traverse, our local night club. A full wrap of the day can be found here:


Myself and my two partners in crime Kate and Courtney spent the next week packing our things and cleaning our house because our lease was coming to an end. No more cute apartment on Third St West. Luckily for me I got to pack a separate bag to take with me to Colorado! That’s right! I’m writing to you from Colorado USA! Although I often worry about my two girls back in Revelstoke because they are homeless and couch surfing until we get to move into our new pad at the start of March.
Anyway, before I left I thought it would be fun to enter Revelstoke Mountain’s first rail jam! Now the disappointing thing was that I was the only female skier to enter and there was only one female snowboarder. So yeah we won by default. WHERE ARE ALL THE GIRLS. Ah well more free goggles and merch for me! I did actually learn two new tricks practicing for it though. Switch on and a 270 off! That was exciting 🙂


It was a great way to finish up before I disappeared from Revelstoke for two weeks. Although I nearly didn’t make it to Colorado. Turns out snow tires aren’t as trust worthy as I thought. Have you ever been driving down a straight road only to have the back end of your car start fish tailing you into on coming traffic? I have.  Can’t say I enjoyed watching a logging truck coming straight towards my sideways car. Shout out to my Dad for the hazardous driving lessons he gave me and how to slide around on snow in his car because I managed to get the car back fish tailing to my side of the road. Although I don’t think Dad would be psyched to know that I sacrificed myself into a full 360 into a snow bank in the middle of a snow storm just to make a flight to go skiing.. Sorry parents. And sorry Kurtis for almost dying in your car. Let’s all make a pact to not drive the whole night from Revelstoke to Calgary in a giant snow storm.  It took me 7 hours instead of the usual 4 and a half. Safety first.


I did make it to sunny Breckenridge, Colorado! And bonus, all my friends from home are here and double bonus, it was my birthday! I celebrated my birthday by going to Keystone, a resort that I have always ALWAYS wanted to visit. The terrain park is unreal and the burgers at Kickapoo in the village are pretty unreal too!
I’ve hit bigger features in Breck Park than I have any where and it’s been so fun rolling around and seeing pros and all the skiers I look up to. It’s like skier Hollywood 🙂 I was hoping to maybe do some of the giant jumps but aside from terrifying me, my left knee has been feeling really sloppy. SO unfair.


DSC03931 - Copy (1024x576)
Nice little down rail in Breck Parks

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I did get a chance to see Arapahoe Basin too. I thought it was a really cute resort with some promising terrain. It was also kinda like time traveling. Breckenridge is a huge ritzy resort where A Basin has all the old chairs and is so small and quiet. I felt like I was skiing in the 70s. Although.. I had eaten a lot of Colorado’s finest marijuana peach gummy lollies the night before and the altitude is insane at A Basin (summits 13,050 feet/3,978 m!) so I may have just been trippin. But the mountains do look different…


So why is it that I have found the time to only write now. I could be out skiing on this super sunny day at Breckenridge. Well I have succumbed to an insane virus. My throat is on fire and the sun hurts my brain. So hopefully a rest day will fix me so that I can slay at Keystone tomorrow. Maybe even Vail on Sunday then it’s down to Denver on Monday to return to Revelstoke.

Big thanks to my friends for making Breckenridge part of their ski journey across the US so I could see them. Elliott, Tommy, Brooke, Harrison, Forks, Laura, Lewis, Hannah and TJ It really means a lot 🙂 And to Jarryd for swapping your days off coaching just to get loose on my birthday!
And to Sammy Wade for being the best ever and letting me visit Colorado 🙂

Until next time

From Lydia


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