Big Red Kitty Cats, Pissed off bar tenders and bottomless POW

Firstly, you should be impressed that I’m even able to write right now. Those three days down in Rossland nearly killed me! WOOHOO

On Wednesday my room mates Kate and Courtney, our friend Simon and myself all piled into a little Hyundai to drive to Rossland for our cat skiing adventure. It’s a ferry ride and a four and half hour drive away but we made it in one piece! We even found some more of our friends on the ferry and convoyed down.

Courtney and myself admiring the view from the ferry

We arrived in the cute little town of Rossland and pulled up to Tarn’s house. We met Tarn at the start of winter here in Revelstoke but he is one of the guides at Big Red Cats so we were pretty excited to see him after being apart for so long! Once we got all the cuddles and a few beers down, the whole team of 12 picked a piece of floor to sleep on to be bright eyed for cat skiing… Except for a few of the boys who kicked on at the bar next door!

Then the morning came that we had all been waiting for. Cat Skiing Day!
There had been a big snowfall, around 30cms, so we were super excited. We all jumped in the cars and headed for Big Red Cats. On the bus out Tarn gave us all a beacon and a quick safety chat. Our other guide, Carey, another great friend of ours from the start of winter as well, was our lead guide and taught everyone how to use the beacons. Then we piled into the cat and headed out!

The snow was DEEEEEP.
After the first run down everyone was losing their minds! We were paired up in case someone got stuck and luckily for me my partner in crime was Simon 🙂 We ripped through the snow like demons woohoo! After a few runs we even got the photographer from another cat and got some SWEET photos.

Simon and I ripping together
Me bouncing out 🙂

We got quite a lot of runs in, a few cliff drops, some epic crashes and a massive WHOOMPFF in the snow pack. I thought it was an earth quake!
My buddy Mike gave me a fright on our second last lap. He sent it off a rock and just went probably 15 feet too back seat and landed in a tree. I was right behind him and pulled up to uncover his face. He was not responding to anything I said but when his face was clear he coughed up a heap of snow and was a little dazed. He has pretty ruined shoulders which he though might out after slamming into the tree. But once his wits were together he was alright. Lucky duck!

After our last lap we celebrated with some beers and headed back to town.

The gang! From top left: Tarn, Katie, Courtney, Rosie, Brandy, Mike, Sam and our awesome cat driver Robbie. Front: Kate, Jack, Me, Simon, Jake and Connor then laying down front and centre our great guide Carey!

Once we returned home I tried as hard as I could to party but we all just slowly passed out!
The next day we woke up to the exciting news that Tarn misread his roster and was actually off work! So we packed a back pack of beers and fun things and headed up to ski Red Mountain Resort. It was wet, foggy and super windy up top but when you have a giant bunch of friends and a back pack full of beer it’s always a great time!

Red Mountain Resort

I actually really like this resort. I didn’t get to see all of it but what I saw was pretty epic. I’m keen to head back for sure. Tarn showed us one of the huts that are hidden in the trees. It was pretty magic.

The Kootenay Inn

Now after a great day skiing we decided to have a good old party. I’m not going to get into all the details because I’m not sure anyone who wasn’t there can handle the stories. But long story short we got thrown out of a bar at 9pm, ran back to the house and didn’t get to sleep til about 5am. People got pretty loosey goosey! But it was a fantastic way to finish the trip and made the drive back to Revelstoke pretty terrible.

Myself, Simon and Blue Jay from Nebraska Photo credit: Katie

A big thank you to Big Red Cats and especially Tarn and Carey for hooking us up on one of the best trips ever.

Also to our buddy Nick for letting us borrow his car when our dear Hannah the Pontiac Montana has officially died. May she rest in peace.

Until next time,


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