Sleds, skiing, losing poles and meeting pros…


In case you weren’t lucky enough to know, Revelstoke just got puked on by a giant snowstorm. I parked my van last night at 10:30 pm and there was 6 inches of fresh at 7 am and she wasn’t stopping anytime soon. So everyone had a pretty sweet day today 🙂 But the reason my day was so awesome is because of a few epic turn of events.

Last night my great friends Dan and Carson invited me around for a much needed steak and they asked if I’d like to take the sleds up for a ski tour. Obviously I was like “hell yeah”. So I borrowed a beacon and set my alarm ready for a sick day.
I didn’t need the alarm though because I woke up early in a panic after having a nightmare that we went on the trip and forgot my skis! So I got up and got my skis ready at the front door to avoid that situation. After I brewed some coffee I decided to check on the avalanche conditions. We’ve had a week of no snow I knew we might be in for some warnings.
Correct guess.
I could already hear patrol bombing the resort and Avalanche Canada read considerable danger in all alpine, treeline and below. I knew we would have to take it easy.

Dan and Carson showed up looking pretty epic in Dan’s 1992 truck with 2 sleds on the back and we discussed the danger further. We settled on heading up and testing it out. We headed west to a place called Griffin; a pretty well known sled ski spot. To be honest I was a little relieved to see a few others in the parking lot. Maybe we weren’t making a bad decision about heading out.

Dan and his epic truck and sled 🙂

The sled up was pretty interesting. I learnt how to tandem ride pretty quick and it was super bumpy but we made it to the top and realised the snow was actually pretty stable and we were in for an awesome day!

Dan and I skied down first with Carson sledding down to meet us.
Hoooollllllllyyyyyy what a run!!!
I even lost a pole. Who needs em anyway right? …
The first section is a super nice gladed tree area. Some nice turns among the trees. We started by dropping one by one but in some safer terrain areas Dan and I could ski together. Super nice!!

Dan and I enjoying some eerie forest time with fat flakes falling from the sky 🙂
When we got to the bottom and did our lap up and back to get everyone to the top I took the sleds down to meet the boys. Can I just say how nice these guys are for just having me along on their trip and using their sleds. What awesome people 🙂 The boys were super hyped and smiley so we headed back up for Carson and myself to have a ski. Well, snowboard in Carson’s case.


Carson and I wanted to head a bit more to skiers right and try and get another open logging area but we messed up our line.
Things got pretty interesting.
Our first dip in and Carson noticed a bit of cracking so we were being really cautious. We came to a section after a traverse that was a big convex drop into a small valley. If anything was gonna slide it was going to be here. We picked a fairly safe line ending on the right high side so if it slid Carson would be out of it’s way. And guess what. She slid alright.
A crown about 20cm deep and 10-15m long but the valley wasn’t steep at all so it just slowed down and Carson was out on the high side like we planned. It was the first time Carson had seen a real slide so it was a good learning experience and we handled it really well. Go team!
The valley after was some epic skiing! A really safe angle too so we got to bounce around in the pow together. We had a bit of bush whacking in the end but it was all good in the hood! (Sorry I don’t have a photo of the slide, I was a little too anxious to take my camera out!)

The laps were taking about an hour to do so when we got back to the top Carson said he would meet us down the bottom and Dan and I could take last lap. We definitely got run of the day!
We got some great tree turns in and when it was time for the last open cutting we managed to pick the line so we could drop right from the top rather than cut in on a traverse. It was probably 20 turns of untouched bottomless pow pow POW!!

Looking down to the open logging cutting
So you can imagine after skiing that I was pretty hyped. We made our way back down as it was starting to get dark. We made it back to the truck in one piece, wet layers off and sleds on the deck!
To finish an epic day, Dan decided to go for a rip around in his beloved truck. The old girl isn’t as nimble when she has two sleds on the back and three people in cabin because Dan got her real good and stuck. Luckily some guys showed up and we asked for a pull. They were super nice and were visiting from Colorado. It wasn’t until after we left that Dan decided to mention that the guys were Parker White and Chris Logan! Obviously I was a bit hysterical but also sad at the missed opportunity to ask for a date…

Then we drove off into the sunset with PBR cans freshly cracked and legs aching.
Fuck Yeah

– Lydia

Cool sticker on my skis don’t ya think 🙂

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