STICKERS and my back ground story…

Guys. I ordered stickers.

I suppose that’s the exciting part but the back ground story is this:

I got stoned and had a sticker that said BACKCOUNTRY. And I realised if you take the O out of back country things get pretty hilarious. So I cut it out and put it on my shot ski. I figure this may well be the peak of my intelligence and decided to get more stickers made, write a blog about skiing and winter and mountains and all the stuff I love.

It’s also the winter I’m going to get into the back country for the first time so I’m hoping to document all the mistakes I make and then maybe, hopefully, if someone else decided to get into it they can see my shitty mistakes and potentially avoid them.

But this is where I’m at:

  • I completed my AST 1 in Niseko, Japan in January 2014. I probably need to do some practice before I let anyone risk their lives near me. Refresh my knowledge. Find some money to buy my own beacon, probe and shovel..
  • I have a pair of 2015 Volkl Auras which is a pretty hectic big girl ski. The giant radius gives me hell in the trees but damn when she opens up do these things rip and bounce out of anything! I managed to find some unused, but 2013 model, Marker Baron touring bindings for only $200! So I had them put on at the start of this Canadian winter. Then my good friend Jack who is an absolute demon on his skis had a pair of 4FRNT skins that don’t really stick anymore. So he just gave them to me, cut them to size and figured we could just ski tie them to my planks and she’ll be right.
  • I’m doing my Wilderness First Aid cert on the 15th of January adding to my current provide first aid certificate. Safety first people.

But that’s my exciting New Year announcement. Back Cuntry. It’s going to be a fun time.




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